Pros and Cons of a Domestic Shredder over a Professional Chipper

Landpower Machinery, based in Templecombe, South Somerset, which covers Somerset, Dorset and Wiltshire areas, offers high-quality Domestic Shredders and professional Chippers. In this blog post, we guide you through what options you must consider before buying one for your needs.

Garden chippers are a great way to reduce garden waste and create nutrient-rich mulch for your plants. However, they have their drawbacks. In this blog post, we will discuss the pros and cons of domestic garden chippers to help you decide if one is right for you.

Pros of Domestic Garden Chippers

  • Reduces garden waste: Garden chippers can turn branches, twigs, and other garden debris into small, manageable pieces that can be composted or used as mulch. This can help to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfills.
  • Creates nutrient-rich mulch: Mulch made from wood chips can help to improve soil quality, retain moisture, and suppress weeds.
  • Can be used to make compost: Wood chips can be added to compost piles to help break down other materials and create nutrient-rich compost.
  • Relatively easy to use: Domestic garden chippers are easy to use and operate. (Petrol and Electric models available)

Cons of Domestic Garden Chippers

  • Can be expensive: Domestic garden chippers can range from around £100 to £500 or more.
  • Can be noisy: Garden chippers can be pretty noisy, so wearing hearing protection (PPE) is crucial when using them.
  • Can be dangerous: Garden chippers can be dangerous if they are not used properly. It is essential to read the operator’s manual carefully and follow all safety instructions.
  • Not suitable for all types of garden waste: Garden chippers are not suitable for all types of garden waste. For leaves and green materials, we would recommend a garden shredder rather than a chipper.

Overall, we feel…

Domestic garden chippers can be valuable for homeowners who want to reduce garden waste, create nutrient-rich mulch, and make compost. However, weighing the pros and cons carefully before deciding if one is right for you is essential.

chipper over a shredder
Tree surgeon arborist uses a wood chipper, and a Domestic Gardener uses a shredder.?

Professional Chippers

Professional chippers are a type of wood chipper that is designed for heavy-duty use. They are typically more robust and durable than domestic chippers and can handle larger branches and logs. Arborists, Tree Surgeons, and Landscapers often use professional chippers.

Pros of Professional Chippers

  • Powerful: Professional chippers can handle large branches and logs, making them ideal for clearing land or removing storm debris. Powerful enough to chip through wood over  8 inches thick. (Petrol/Diesel powered options)
  • Durable: Professional chippers are built to last, and they can withstand the rigours of heavy-duty use.
  • Efficient: Professional chippers are designed to process wood quickly and efficiently.
  • Safe: Professional chippers are equipped with safety features to protect the operator.

Cons of Professional Chippers

  • Expensive: Professional chippers are more expensive than domestic chippers.
  • Bulky: Professional chippers are larger and heavier than domestic chippers, making them more challenging to transport and store.
  • Noisy: Professional chippers can be very noisy, making them unsuitable for use in residential areas.

Timberwolf Chippers

Timberwolf is a leading manufacturer of professional chippers. They offer a wide range of chippers to suit various needs and budgets. Timberwolf chippers are known for their quality, performance, and durability.

Overall, we feel…

Whether or not you need a professional chipper depends on your needs. If you need a chipper that can handle large branches and logs or use a chipper frequently, then a professional chipper may be a good investment.

The other option that Landpower Machinery offers is that we can hire you a chipper for your project requirements. Either if working on a professional job or a large domestic garden.

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