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Long-Reach Gardening Tools Over Ladders

Landpower Machinery is based in Tempolecombe, South Somerset, on the North Dorset Border near Sherborne, and stocks ladders and long-reach gardening tools. Our powered tools come in cable or battery, making your gardening experience even more enjoyable without worrying about the cable’s length or the extension lead.

The gardening tools we stock in our shop are either petrol-powered or battery / cordless making your gardening experience even more enjoyable without worrying about cutting through a power cable or the need for an extension lead.

Some guidance is given below to help you understand the risks.

When it comes to trimming tall hedges and reaching high branches, gardeners often face the dilemma of choosing between using a ladder or a long-reach gardening tool. While ladders provide greater height access, they also pose significant safety risks, making long-reach tools a more favourable option in many cases.

Safety Concerns with Ladders:

  1. FALLS: Ladders are a leading cause of falls in the home and garden, with a significant risk of serious injuries, including fractures, sprains, and head trauma.
  2. INSTABILITY: Ladders can become unstable on uneven or soft ground, increasing the risk of tipping and falls.
  3. OVERREACHING: Reaching too far from a ladder can lead to loss of balance and falls.

Advantages of Long-Reach Gardening Tools:

  1. STABILITY: Long-reach tools allow you to stand on the ground providing a stable platform for trimming, eliminating the risk of falls associated with ladders.
  2. REDUCED STRAIN: Long-reach tools allow gardeners to trim from the ground, reducing strain on the neck, shoulders, and back.
  3. VERISTILITY: Some long-reach tools are multi-functional, handling tasks like hedge trimming or branch cutting.

Choosing the Right Long-Reach Tool:

  1. CONSIDER THE HEIGHT: Choose a tool with a reach that extends beyond the height of the hedges or branches you intend to trim.
  2. POWER SOURCE: Decide between cordless or petrol-powered options based on your preferences and garden size.
  3. FEATURES: Look for features like lightweight design, adjustable handles, and safety features like blade guards.

Long-reach gardening tools offer a safer and more ergonomic alternative to ladders for many gardening tasks. They eliminate the risk of falls associated with ladders and reduce strain on the body. When choosing a long-reach tool, consider the height you need to reach, the power source, and additional features that enhance safety and convenience.

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