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STIHL Advance X-Vent


Complete set with ear protection, face protection and sturdy helmet shell suitable for professional demanding forestry workers.

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Stihl Advance X-Vent helmet set + Chin Strap for Stihl Advance Helmets
Price for both: £89.00
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The STIHL Advance X-Vent Helmet is a pinnacle of modern protective headgear, specifically designed for individuals engaged in demanding forestry tasks. This helmet seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology, superior comfort, and exceptional safety features to provide an unparalleled experience for the wearer.

Crafted with the highest standards of quality, the Advance X-Vent Helmet showcases a unique blend of robust materials and innovative design. The exterior shell is constructed from impact-resistant ABS plastic, ensuring exceptional durability to withstand potential hazards and impacts that can occur in challenging work environments. Its sleek design not only offers an aesthetic appeal but also optimises the helmet’s aerodynamics, reducing strain on the wearer during prolonged use.

One of the standout features of the Advance X-Vent Helmet is its advanced ventilation system. Engineered to provide optimal airflow, this system helps regulate temperature and moisture inside the helmet, ensuring that the wearer remains cool and comfortable even during intense physical exertion. The strategically positioned vents work in harmony with the overall design, preventing the buildup of heat and maintaining optimal air circulation.

Customisability and a secure fit are paramount when it comes to safety gear, and the Advance X-Vent Helmet excels in this aspect. The helmet features an adjustable six-point suspension system, allowing users to customize the fit to their head shape and size. This not only enhances comfort but also guarantees a secure fit that minimizes helmet movement during work, thus reducing the risk of accidents.

Incorporating the highest safety standards, the Advance X-Vent Helmet includes a built-in mesh visor that shields the wearer’s face from debris, branches, and other potential hazards. The visor is designed to maintain clear visibility while providing an extra layer of protection. Additionally, the helmet is equipped with earmuffs that offer superior noise reduction (SNR 29 ear protection rating) , safeguarding the user’s hearing from the often deafening sounds of the work environment.


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