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KitDRY Boot/Clothing Driers Pair – KD01

They’re bags of silica gel. Drop them into your wet boots and they absorb all the moisture, you recharge them (dry them out) on a radiator. Just like stuffing your boots with newspaper but reusable!

  • Effective.. The powerful drying action of KitDRY Dryers cuts the drying time of wet boots/kit. With KitDRY you can dry your boots/kit overnight. Without KitDRY Dryers you could only hope your boots/kit would be dry in two, three or even four days.
  • Easy-To-Use.. KitDRY Dryers fits any shoe, boot, glove or any part of your kit. KitDRY crystals dry without electricity. Simply slide the KitDRY Dryers into your boots/kit for a few hours.
  • Heat-Free.. KitDRY Dryers work without electricity. The unique drying crystals do the job without power.
  • Safe.. No heating elements, no power cords. With KitDRY Dryers, you simply insert the Dryer into your boots or any part of your kit, there is no need to monitor the progress. There is no chance of damaging your gear with heat and is ideal for boots with custom moulded foam liners.
  • Economical.. No power required. With simply, periodic regeneration the KitDRY Dryer will last for years. Buy footwear less often by extending the service-life of your footwear through proper care which includes drying them as needed.
  • Last For Years.. No moving parts, no batteries, no heating elements to fail. The simple process of periodic regeneration of the KitDRY Dryer is easily accomplished in minutes by placing on a radiator or heat vent.
  • The KitDRY Dryer quickly absorbs moisture from your boots/kit which improves your comfort, prolongs their life and reduces the likelihood of mildew forming.
  • Sold as a pair.



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