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Henchman Wheeled Platform – 55 or 76

If you have a lot of hedge with clear access to it then you probably need a Wheeled Henchman

This is the original Henchman product and has stood the test of time for nearly 19 years. With a 5 or 7 foot long platform raised to either 5 feet on the “55” or 6 feet on the “76” there is no quicker way of getting a long stretch of hedge cut safely.

With the Wheeled Henchman 76 you can safely cut across an 11ft (3.3m) hedge at swathes of up to 13ft (4m) at a time from a single position before re-positioning the platform.

  • Level, stable and spacious working platform
  • Safe whilst leaning in four directions, no toppling
  • Remain level and stable despite soft, sloping or uneven terrain
  • Cut up to 18′ or 20′ of hedge from one position, depending on cutters
  • Working height variable by minimum of 4′ (or minimum 7′ with Extender) for “55” or minimum of 5′ (or minimum 9′ with Extender) for “76”
  • Additional height of 1m / 3ft with optional Extender for “55” or 1.2m / 4ft with optional Extender with “76”
  • No wobble, no sinking in thanks to long secure feet
  • Strong galvanised steel yet fully mobile
  • Easily dismantled in 10 minutes for storage
  • Optional tow bar for moving long-distances


  • Reach across the top of a 10′ hedge and cut a 13′ swathe each time you place the platform.
  • Trim a 13′ hedge with the optional Extender.
  • Adjust each leg individually to make the platform level and stable, even on soft, sloping garden ground.
  • Lean out against the guard rails with no fear of toppling.
  • Work with both hands free to handle potentially dangerous powered tools.
  • Rely on large flat feet that will not sink suddenly into soft garden ground.
  • Easily adjust the platform height 1′ at a time.
  • Get into narrow spaces.
  • Easily move the platform alongside the hedge.


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