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STIHL ASA 20 Battery-Powered Secateurs

Introducing the groundbreaking ASA 20 battery-powered secateurs, the latest innovation in the AS system. These secateurs are crafted for effortless pruning of trees, bushes, shrubs, and garden plants.

The STIHL ASA 20 battery-powered secateurs, released in 2024, are the newest addition to the STIHL AS battery system and perfect for garden pruning tasks. They swiftly cut through green material up to 25mm in diameter, expediting trimming jobs. The adjustable blade opening width enhances efficiency, especially for thin twigs or new growth.

Weighing less than 1kg and boasting optimal balance, these secateurs offer comfort during prolonged use. Maintenance is simplified with an integrated key for blade adjustment or removal, with spare blades available for separate purchase.

Equipped with an LED display, the tool provides clear indications of the battery charge level, blade opening width, and total number of cuts made, ensuring seamless operation.

Key Features:

  1. Powerful Cutting: Effortlessly slices through green material up to 25mm in diameter, ensuring efficient work and faster job completion.
  2. Dual Blade Opening Widths: Two blade opening widths cater to different cutting needs, enhancing productivity when dealing with thin twigs and branches.
  3. Progressive Cut: Responsive blade movement follows the user’s finger on the trigger, offering unparalleled control and precision.
  4. Lightweight and Balanced: Weighing under 1 kg, the ASA 20 provides comfort during prolonged use and optimal balance to minimise wrist fatigue.
  5. Convenient Quick Guide: Equipped with a printed guide for easy reference, facilitating hassle-free operation.
  6. Integrated Maintenance Tool: Includes a stored key in the battery bay for blade adjustment or removal, with spare blades available for separate purchase.
  7. Clear LED Display: Features a comprehensive display showing battery charge level, selected blade width, and total cuts made for enhanced usability.

Preorder online with delivery for JULY 2024 – online on our website HERE

Experience superior pruning performance with the ASA 20, revolutionising your gardening tasks with efficiency and precision.

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