Remove a Fallen Tree

In most cases, the responsibility to remove a fallen tree lies with the landowner where it originally stood, even if it has fallen onto your land.

Here’s who you should contact for help:

  • Tree Surgeon or Arborist: 
    They have the expertise and equipment to remove the tree safely. (best Google local companies)
  • Local Council: 
    If the fallen tree is on public land or blocking a public right of way, they are typically responsible for removal.

It’s also advisable to:

  • Document the Situation: 
    Take photos and videos of the fallen tree and any damage caused.
  • Contact your Insurance Company: 
    Depending on your policy, you may be covered for the cost of removal and any damage.

Remember, it’s crucial to prioritise your safety and avoid attempting to remove the tree yourself, especially if it’s large or poses a risk of further falling debris.

Finding a Tree Surgeon (Arborist) in South West England:

Here are several ways to find a TREE SURGEON/ARBORIST, in South West England:

  1. ARB Approved Contractor Directory: 
    Search for professionals approved by the Arboricultural Association (ARB) for tree care services like planting, pruning, felling, and health assessments.
  1. Local companies: Look for companies offering tree surgeon services in your area. Some examples include South West Tree Care, Chris Groves Associates, and Sedgemoor Tree Services.
  1. Online directories: Use online directories like Yell to find tree surgeons near you and compare their services.

Additional tips:

  • Get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision.
  • Ask about qualifications, insurance, and experience.
  • Check online reviews and recommendations.

Somerset, Wiltshire, and Dorset have many Tree Surgeons and Arborists.

Here is a checklist of tips for finding a tree surgeon or arborist:

  1. Search online directories like Yell or Google Maps.
  2. Check the websites of local companies for their services and qualifications.
  3. Ask for recommendations from friends, family, or neighbour’s.
  4. Get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision.
  5. You can use social media to find local ones who have been working in your area.

Remember, while “arborist” is a broader term for tree care professionals, “tree surgeon” often refers to those specialising in tree removal and maintenance tasks. Both can be qualified to assess and manage your trees’ health and safety.

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