A winter storage tip for petrol powered machinery which could save you £££’s

As we start to think about putting our petrol powered lawnmowers and grass trimmers into storage for the winter months, one thing which is often forgotten about is the fuel in the tank and pipes of the engine.

If left untreated, this fuel begins to decay in as little as 30 days. The ethanol, which is added into modern fuels, naturally absorbs water from the air as well as drawing moisture from plastic and rubber components causing them to become brittle. The ethanol and water mixture may lead to blockage issues in carburettors as well as potentially corroding components within the fuel system resulting in costly repairs being required.

The prevention is to use B3C Ethanol Shield fuel stabiliser which envelopes water molecules preventing them bonding with the ethanol. Simply add 2 capfuls of the solution into 5 litres of fresh petrol and the petrol will be safe to use for up to 1 year. B3C Ethanol Shield can be used in all 2-stroke and 4-stroke petrol engines and can prevent fuel related issues which are not covered under engine manufacturers warranties.

Avoid the frustrations of poor running or non starting machinery next spring for just a few pence by adding B3C Ethanol Shield into your petrol can.

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