Timberwolf TW 230VTR Wood Chipper

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The latest tracked chipper from Timberwolf goes on sale from June 2015 and it looks set to be an awesome piece of equipment…

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Due to the cost of this product it is not available to buy online.

Please call us on 01963 370654 to discuss purchasing a Timberwolf TW 230VTR Wood Chipper.

The latest tracked chipper from Timberwolf goes on sale from June 2015 and it looks set to be an awesome piece of equipment…

Following on from the success of the TW 230DHB launch back in September 2014, Timberwolf have continued to evolve the 230 model range and are pleased to announce the variable tracked model is now in production and available to purchase from June of this year.

This chipper pulls no punches, whether it’s tracking to site or clearing site, the machine is ruthlessly efficient at getting the job done. Using the latest computer modelling we have taken the opportunity to design in more strength, greater performance, better ergonomics with simpler maintenance and service schedules, making the all new Timberwolf  TW 230VTR, bigger,  stronger and faster than anything else available.


With a deeper chassis beam, we have fitted bigger, longer and taller tracks to the TW 230VTR giving the chipper improved ground clearance, traction and stability, making it capable of easily accessing otherwise impenetrable work sites. Variable width tracks, removable feed-funnel, 35hp Kubota diesel and a 230x160 roller aperture ensures this is still the most compact yet powerful chipper in its class.


This wood chipper is tough and powerful; no stone has been left unturned in the pursuit of strength and durability to match performance. Timberwolf engineers have designed extra strength into every critical component throughout the machine to ensure it can give top level performance day after day, year after year.


As the name implies, this new tracked chipper takes its chipping performance from the recently launched TW 230DHB road tow chipper which has taken the market by storm, becoming Timberwolf’s fastest selling model in the history of the company. With its ergonomic ‘open top’ funnel, large chipper throat, wide rollers and heavy duty rotor, high performance throughput is guaranteed; but it gets even better…

To further enhance the attractiveness of this machine, Timberwolf engineers have added a retractable ride-on platform and a much sought after 2 speed tracking system, enabling the operator to switch into top gear when conditions allow and halving their tracking time to and from site.

This is a no-holds-barred chipper with everything you ever wanted; a formidable piece of equipment ready and waiting to work harder and faster for you