FSI ST20B Stump Grinder

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FSI ST20B, narrow access stump grinder can be taken pratically anywhere, and when you get there it still has all the features and build quality of a tough, professional stump grinder.

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Due to the cost of this product it is not available to buy online.

Please call us on 01963 370654 to discuss purchasing a FSI ST20B Stump Grinder.

Turntable. The top turns freely on a bearing meaning all your effort goes directly in to the stump.

Brakes. Tow independant brakes keep the machine in place when grinding but can be used one at a time to help traverse on steep banks or steps. 

Powerful.  Honda engine makes quick work of even tough hardwood stumps.

Clutch. When you let go of the control handle the revs drop and the cutter wheel stops but the engine keeps running so you don't pull start any more than necessary.

Turnable Teeth. The carbide tipped Green Teeth LoPro700's give excellent cutting, long life and can be easily turned to present a fresh edge if needed.

Anti Vibration.  The antio vibration mounts between the handle and the machine help protect you from excessive vibration.

Adjustable height Handle. 5 positions ensure that the handle is always at the optimum height for easy, effecient accessible but protected from debris.