Garden & Landscaping Equipment

Garden & Landscaping Equipment

Every landscape is different, but all of them require routine maintenance to stay picture perfect. Landpower Machinery stock a wealth of gardening and landscaping equipment, from handheld tools such as axes, log picks, wedges, pruning saws, pruning shears and loppers, chainsaw files and kits, to rubber granules to improve your lawn.

We stock all the top brands renowned for their performance and durability. Call us on 01963 370654 for advice on which products suit your needs.


HELKO’s tradition of supplying premium-quality axes and splitting tools reaches all the way back to the year 1844. The German manufacturer’s philosophy is to supply high quality tools, which allow the job in hand to be done with more power and less effort.


Silky saws are manufactured in Ono Japan, home of the finest cutlery steel known to man. Crafting fine wood cutting saws since the early 1900’s, Silky continues to raise the bar for quality, endurance and cutting efficiency. The brand remains at the vanguard of both design and innovation of saws.


STIHL offers a wide range of products including chainsaws and pole pruners, KombiSystems, MultiSystems, brushcutters, hedge trimmers, blowers, sweepers, pressure washers, and vacuum cleaners, as well as all the fuels, oils and accessories to keep them running at their best.


Developed to provide the industry with a level of protection and safety expected from modern day equipment, Stein prides itself on evolving with the industry. From loppers to prurners and pruning saws, Stein products are designed to high standards with inspiration from customer feedback and involvement with respected industry figures.


Vallorbe’s chain saw sharpening tools are world renowned, increasing efficiency, enhancing comfort, improving safety, cutting back on energy consumption and reducing wear and tear.
The chain saw sharpening kit contains all the tools needed to maintain the chain and guide bar, from the file guide to the bar groove cleaner removing sawdust.