Landpower Machinery stock a range of ladders supplied by Henchman for both domestic and professional users. You can choose from:

  • Tripod Ladders
  • Hi-Step Ladders
  • Wheeled Ladders

If you need a help or advice please email [email protected] or give us a call on 01963 370654.


  • Tripod Ladders You can get a variety of Tripod Ladders at Landpower Machinery. From Standard to Professional to make sure you meet Work at Height Regulations. The Tripod range is incredibly light weight, and is very adept in getting into fruit or topiary tree... View
  • Hi-Step Platform Ladders Your Hi-Step Platform will give you a level and stable, non-slip platform to work from, with both hands free to focus on the job in hand and the confidence to lean out and across with no fear of toppling- whatever the terrain. If you need... View
  • Wheeled Ladders With the Wheeled Henchman range you can cut hedges up to 15' tall, from a level and stable platform, with both hands free, and guard rails to lean your full weight against. Manufactured in the UK, by a company registered to ISO 9001-2000, the... View