Lowering Rigging

Lowering Rigging
Rigging and lowering equipment for arborists and tree surgeons including karabiners, rigging kits, lowering devices, lowering pulleys, strops, slings and lowering ropes from the leading names in the industry available at Landpower Machinery.

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  • Karabiners Landpower Machinery stock steel karabiners for rigging and lowering work as they tend to have a higher maximum breaking load than climbing karabiners and are designed to cope with lowering loads (e.g.. limbs and branches). View
  • Rigging Kits Landpower Machinery stock rigging kits assembled using some of the best products currently available on the market from well known manufactures. The kit represents a substantial saving compared to buying the items individually. View
  • Lowering Devices Here at Landpower Machinery we stock lowering devices, these help ensure a smooth and controlled descent of the load from height. View
  • Lowering Pulleys Landpower Machinery stock lowering pulleys. They are designed specifically for lowering heavy loads (e.g. branches or limbs) and are often manufactured from cast. Lowering pulleys are available for 13mm, 16mm and 20mm rigging ropes. View
  • Strops and Slings Here at Landpower Machinery we stock both whoopee slings and dead-eye ropes. Whoopie slings are normally used for securely attaching portawraps and lowering devices into place at the base of the tree. Whereas dead eye ropes are used to create a... View
  • Lowering Rope Rigging ropes in a range of sizes for all lowering work are stocked here at Landpower Machinery. View